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Monday, 23 July 2012

My Cameo arrived today

I am so Cameo arrived today!! My darling hubby set it up for me immediatly and after half an hour of it arriving I was doing my first cut with it......I didnt do anything exciting just a square frame and a snowflake that came free with  the software but it cut beautifully.....

I used the blade that I had in my SD for my first cut because I knew that blade was fine and I didnt want to put in a blade I didnt know for the first cut because if it hadnt cut well I would have thought it was the machine and probably held it against the machine forever"!!

I also used the mat that I've been using so no problems with a too sticky mat ...I gave the cameo every advantage I had after hearing some horror stories of what went wrong for others....

Now my biggest problem is deciding what my first real project should be for Cammie the cameo..and dont worry Silly Babes is still here and ready to go...I think hubby has designs on her but shes still my babes, my first love affair with cutting machines!!

Thank you for visiting my blog

Love Debby xx

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  1. You lucky lady. I ordered mine yesterday and cant wait for it to arrive !