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Friday, 20 July 2012

Im having a new babes!!

I cant believe wonderful hubby TOLD me to buy the silhouette Cameo this week....and I am now nervously awaiting the arrival of my new babes. Its been 2 days since I ordered Cammie and Im pacing up and down waiting but it said 3-5 days delivery i think ill need a new carpet by the time it gets here.

I also think now I have that responsiibility Ill have to grow up and actually write my blog properly instead of in my jokey way...I have even been making some files whilst I wait....who knows what the cammie will bring to my life but as Im mostly housebound and very limited on what I can do as to wether its a good day or a bad day health wise Im hoping it will bring a little sunshine into my life...

As you know I have been working with the silhouette SD for about 2 years now (silly babes) and have yet to tell her shes being replaced....but horrors..hubby said 'put her on ebay' I have now educated him that sil babes is a member of the family and will still be used alongside Cammie!! I asked him to make me a desk in the living room so i could put sil babes there but I think he thought that was going a bit to far and he said a resounding NO...I just have to work on him a little more then i will have my new desk for sil babes..
I will let the whole world know when babes gets here...just incase you didnt guess I AM SO EXCITED

Thank you for reading my ramblings

Love debby xx

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