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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Krafting Kelly and Tina Fitch

Well I was soo very lucky on friday when I managed to catch Kellys very first Webinar and very successful it was too.. I learnt how to make letters stand away from the base and can think of a few things this would be handy for and am already designing a project with this in mind. It was the first time i had attended a webinar and found it very interesting as a medium for learning....I may have to attend some more....

After the webinar I went to facebook to see if any of my family had been on and managed to go to Tina Fitchs page just as she was starting a tutorial on how to weld to a frame and make a topper or how to weld to a frame and make a card!! As the tutorial was written I used my snipit tool and saved the relevent bits so i could have it for reference. I needed the reference as it took me 2 whole days to get it!! Once I had done it I realised just how easy it was and that i had been a bit of a dunce but woo hoo Im sooo proud that i did is my card i made using the file I MADE using tinas tutorial....

I cut the card in blue, it was just the first thing i found in my stash!! I then backed the holes with green card as it was a free flower from the sil store that i used i got a flourish from my stash and used that as a stalk!! A very simple card but im very proud of it as I MADE THE FILE MYSELF am i shouting loud enough!!!!!

Thank you for looking
love debby xx

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