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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Native Indian Card

I bought a Native Indian stamp a few years ago from create and craft tv in a half price sale it also had a set of dragon stamps with it, which is why I bought the set in the first place because hubby just loves dragons, I have no idea why he does all I know is that we now have 2 glass cabinets full of dragons!!
When the stamps arrived I immediately fell in love with the Indian head stamp, (it was one of 6 stamps in the set!!) and I used it and used it until all inspiration with it ran dry!!

This week I managed to persuade Hubby that I needed a new brayer and some inks which spoilt as I am I got what I wanted...

So time to play..................................

I started off with my big juicy ink pad Foliage and was going to brayer the background but life being as it is my arms didnt want to play and so instead of a nice even background i ended up with a splodgy one but I liked it and thought I could do something with it....and then I remembered my Native Indian stamp!! A quick look amongst my stamps and yay I found it...

I thought that the background needed something else to tie in the Native feel and looked through my stamps and found a darling one I had bought last year at a craft show and havent really used much but it was a simple line of flowers and bullrushes. Perfect. I inked it with the same ink pad (foliage) as the background but moved it along the pad a little so it had slightly stronger shades of colour.

I then stamped my Indian Head and carefully cut it out and coloured it using my Promarkers, as you can see I used strong colours to make it vibrant. I then got out my trusty glitters and used gold and red glitters to enhance the headdress.

I was very lucky with the dreamcatcher as I had seen it earlier in the week in the silhouette store as a new item and thought it would be great for this card. As it is an intricate cut and my blade is nearing the end of its life I didnt think it would cope with the cut on card so chose to do it in vinyl and it cut beautifully...but I think if I was doing this card again I would maybe cut the dreamcatcher in a less harsh colour of vinyl like maybe charcoal or even grey, its just that I was waiting for a delivery of vinyl and it came in the afternoon..typical!! Still I was happy with the results from the black...

I then needed a verse or sentiment to go on the card and I wanted one that would be  cohesive with the Native Indian so my search began!! I trawled the internet for authentic poems or songs from Native Indian sites and came upon a few that had sayings from prominent tribes or people and I found this one supposedly from Chief Seattle which I really says Take Only Memories leave Nothing but somehow rang with me!! I used my babes to sketch the writing and cut the layers for the label.

Thank you for taking the time to visit!!
Love debby xx

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  1. Debby, this card is wonderful! My hubby is a huge Indian art fan. He would love,love this card. What a great find. Thank you for sharing. xxx- Debbie