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Monday, 8 October 2012

Halloween wreath

Having made the other Halloween items I thought I should need a Halloween wreath to hand on the door....Yep I intend frightening the little mites this year as they all think Im some sweet old Lady that lives in my house wih my hubby and

I looked around Pinterest and saw so many lovely ideas...I particularly liked one I saw that had eyeballs glues to it but thought that was maybe a little to scary for the children around by me...

Armed with ideas and keen to get on I nagged hubby to take me to the craft store and get some supplies..I found a styrofoam ring, black crepe paper and black feathers...I took them home and within an hour I had made this wreath

Firstly I cut some strips of crepe and wrapped it around the ring. My intention then was to make loads of rolled roses out of the crepe and glue them all over the ring...but my intentions were good but my body was unwilling to let me make loads of is very hard to continuously work with so after a few roses I got very bored with making them and decided I needed a few bell like flowers instead of just roses so I rolled the crepe very loosly and glued it so that it looked like bells mixed with roses....after making a few I decided to start glueing them onto the ring with some feathers. Once I had got to the stage that it is now I decided that I liked what I saw and finished it there...Not what I originally intended it to look like but one that I am quite happy with...

Thank you for looking
Love debby


  1. Debby first of all let me say I LOVE your red door, when I grow up I want one, dh would have a coranary if I painted front door red, lol. The wreath is just perfect, a little mystery lurks behine that door. Thanks for sharing, hugs
    p.s. and gizzy is precious

  2. Your wreath is gorgeous, Debby! I think the number of flowers you have on it is just perfect!

  3. Debby, what a fantastic wreath you have made. I also have a red door but not a wreath as lovely as the one you made for the Halloween holiday. Thank you for sharing. xxx - Debbie