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Saturday, 6 October 2012


I saaw a saying whilst looking at halloween fonts and it made me laugh and it inspired me to make this frame with cammie

Firstly it was hard trying to find fonts that were suitable but I ended up using the font Joan for the main body of writing as I wanted something that was easily readable by children, as I intend sticking this to my front door for Halloween!! The word creeping was done using the font Exquisite Corpse! even the name of it gives me shivers!

I typed the words into sil studio and because I was using vinyl on glass I then turned the whole thing back to front before I cut so that the words are on the inside of the frame....The creeping font was a little troublesome to weed at first but once yu got a hook into it easy as pie...

I used a very nice charcoal coloured card from Debbi Moore stock that I had lying around but in this picture it looks charcoal!!

I know it is a little slanted and that was on purpose (Yea yea) because i dropped a corner onto the glass before I had lined it up properly and it stuck better than you can usually get it to stick so wonky it is....

thank you for looking love debby xx

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